We have many happy customers and beloe we have shared just a few of the endorsements that we have received.

I love working at Pandora Studios. The space has been carefully designed and built to the highest specification by people who clearly love audio, and share my obsession with details. Sound-proofing is amazing and the acoustic treatment is great. The space is extremely versatile, no matter what my needs are for a specific project. My clients have always enjoyed coming there too, the facilities are so clean and comfortable. I use many different studios and spaces on location and Pandora remains my favourite, both for the facilities it offers and for the incredible customer service offered by Dan and his team.

Nick CofferMD Boutique Broadcast Ltd, former BBC daytime radio presenter

It was an absolutely fantastic experience using Pandora Studios to help produce some of my own original music, and the people there were very approachable. As a singer/songwriter, I know the challenges involved in writing and completing an original song that I’ve written which includes finding melodies in the different components of the song, and I was kept at ease knowing that a high level of expertise was used in the production to complete my songs. I can’t wait to go back to the studio and undertake some more projects that I will be releasing this later this year, with the confidence in knowing that I will be able to produce music in this style of fashion again

HJ SoulArtist